Drishtishree landed in Film Production Industry and penned down its future from regional to global arena. It is easy enough to kick start a production house but it takes tremendous determination and a lot of grit to turn potential. Here, our vision is to have the right direction, so that the mundane and bore can be done away with and instead create a simple elegant and visual masterpiece. We are driven by the desire to delight the audience with quality content, which would have an immense mass appeal and would be appreciated by both critics and audiences.

Good collaboration with good content always works, we have our own in house workshop studio and an in-home dedicated professional team including technicians, so with like minded people on board, we can spearhead in various directions with fingers firmly entrenched on the pulse of the audience.

It is our relentless endeavour to have a single-minded focus towards creative development, revenue maximisation and new business activities.

Presently Drishtishree has been formed and is instituted with a combination of a focused entrepreneur - Mr. Harit Ratna and a talented producer turned Director Argha Deep Chatterjee with the upcoming Horror-Thriller - “Jojo” and the other pipe line projects are; RHODODENDRON… etc.

JOJO-The Film

Starring Darshana Banik, Anirban Bhattacharya, Saayoni Ghosh, Satyam Bhattacharya and others, JOJO-The Film is debutant director Argha Deep Chatterjee's first big screen directorial! With a spine-chilling narrative, Jojo explores the horror genre in a different light!

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